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Glass Bottles - The Simplicity Range

Slim clear glass cosmetic bottles

Glass 'Simplicity' bottles
If you are looking for a bottle family to accommodate your product range then our Simplicity bottles may be just what you need. The simple bottle design lets the product do the talking.

Simplicity bottles are available in a range of sizes, starting from 30ml (perfect for liquid foundations, scents and oils), up to the larger 250ml (perfect for quality body lotions, creams and more).

All bottles in the Simplicity range have the popular neck size of 24mm, making them compatible with a range of closures, from simple aluminium screw caps to spray and pump options.

Simplicity bottles - high quality glass bottles, suitable for aromatherapy, cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, lotions, grooming products and more.

50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle (No Cap)

Stunning look clear glass cosmetic bottle. Bottle has a 24mm neck, making it compatible with many of our 24 mm closures, pour, spray or pump - You decide!

This is the perfect bottle for creams, lotions and oils.
50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle (No Cap)
Qty: 1G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx1 € 0.76
Qty: 25G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx25 € 18.55
Qty: 50G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx50 € 36.22
Qty: 100G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx100 € 68.91
Qty: 144G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx144 € 94.14
Qty: 288G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx288 € 178.11
Qty: 576G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx576 € 335.87
Qty: 1152G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx1152 € 631.01
Qty: 2376G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx2376 € 1217.51
Qty: 4752G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx4752 € 2267.09

50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm Aluminium Screw Cap

Small 50ml clear glass bottle, comes complete with an lined aluminium cap to prevent leakage and to keep the product inside fresher for longer.

This product is ideal for storing samples, oils, cream and lotions.
50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 1G50MLSIMP24ACx1 € 0.92
Qty: 25G50MLSIMP24ACx25 € 22.55
Qty: 50G50MLSIMP24ACx50 € 44.04
Qty: 100G50MLSIMP24ACx100 € 83.79
Qty: 144G50MLSIMP24ACx144 € 114.47
Qty: 288G50MLSIMP24ACx288 € 216.56
Qty: 576G50MLSIMP24ACx576 € 408.37
Qty: 1152G50MLSIMP24ACx1152 € 767.24
Qty: 2376G50MLSIMP24ACx2376 € 1480.34
Qty: 4752G50MLSIMP24ACx4752 € 2756.49

50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap

Elegant look glass bottle 50 ml capacity and complete with standard white screw top lid, lid has an epe liner, helping prevent leakage.

The perfect cosmetic bottle, ideal for hand creams, lotions, styling products, make-up, fragrances and much more.
50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap
Qty: 1G50MLSIMP24WCx1 € 0.86
Qty: 25G50MLSIMP24WCx25 € 21.05
Qty: 50G50MLSIMP24WCx50 € 41.09
Qty: 100G50MLSIMP24WCx100 € 78.16
Qty: 144G50MLSIMP24WCx144 € 106.78
Qty: 288G50MLSIMP24WCx288 € 202.03
Qty: 576G50MLSIMP24WCx576 € 380.97
Qty: 1152G50MLSIMP24WCx1152 € 715.76
Qty: 2376G50MLSIMP24WCx2376 € 1381.02
Qty: 4752G50MLSIMP24WCx4752 € 2571.55

50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm Black Screw Cap

A clear glass bottle from the minimally styles simplicity range. This bottle has a 50ml capacity and comes complete with an airtight black plastic lid.

Some of the uses include, the storing and distributing of essential oils, fragrances, lotions and creams.
50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm Black Screw Cap
Qty: 1G50MLSIMP24BCx1 € 0.88
Qty: 25G50MLSIMP24BCx25 € 21.54
Qty: 50G50MLSIMP24BCx50 € 42.05
Qty: 100G50MLSIMP24BCx100 € 80.00
Qty: 144G50MLSIMP24BCx144 € 109.30
Qty: 288G50MLSIMP24BCx288 € 206.77
Qty: 576G50MLSIMP24BCx576 € 389.92
Qty: 1152G50MLSIMP24BCx1152 € 732.58
Qty: 2376G50MLSIMP24BCx2376 € 1413.46
Qty: 4752G50MLSIMP24BCx4752 € 2631.95

50ml Clear Glass Simplicity Bottle & 24mm Black/Silver Atomiser Spray

A small 50ml clear glass bottle. As part of the simplicity the style is minimalist and contemporary, ideal for any style of product. This bottle also comes with a black and silver atomiser lid.

The lid makes this bottle ideal for use in homemade fragrances and any type of thin liquid.
50ml Clear Glass Simplicity Bottle & 24mm Black/Silver Atomiser Spray
Qty: 1G50MLSIMP24BSAtomx1 € 1.48
Qty: 25G50MLSIMP24BSAtomx25 € 36.12
Qty: 50G50MLSIMP24BSAtomx50 € 70.52
Qty: 100G50MLSIMP24BSAtomx100 € 134.16
Qty: 144G50MLSIMP24BSAtomx144 € 183.28
Qty: 288G50MLSIMP24BSAtomx288 € 346.74
Qty: 576G50MLSIMP24BSAtomx576 € 653.86
Qty: 1152G50MLSIMP24BSAtomx1152 € 1228.44
Qty: 2376G50MLSIMP24BSAtomx2376 € 2370.21
Qty: 4752G50MLSIMP24BSAtomx4752 € 4413.47

50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm White Atomiser Spray

A clear glass bottle in the Simplicity Range with a 50ml capacity. This bottle comes complete with a white atomiser lid.

The white atomiser lid is ideal for a range of applications. Primarily fragrances would be used in this bottle but any number of less viscous liquids can but stores in this bottle.
50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm White Atomiser Spray
Qty: 1G50MLSIMP24WAtomx1 € 1.34
Qty: 25G50MLSIMP24WAtomx25 € 32.97
Qty: 50G50MLSIMP24WAtomx50 € 64.37
Qty: 100G50MLSIMP24WAtomx100 € 122.45
Qty: 144G50MLSIMP24WAtomx144 € 167.28
Qty: 288G50MLSIMP24WAtomx288 € 316.49
Qty: 576G50MLSIMP24WAtomx576 € 596.81
Qty: 1152G50MLSIMP24WAtomx1152 € 1121.27
Qty: 2376G50MLSIMP24WAtomx2376 € 2163.41
Qty: 4752G50MLSIMP24WAtomx4752 € 4028.44

50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm Black/Silver Soap Pump

A very contemporary 50ml capacity glass bottle. Part of the simplicity range this bottle has a modern minimal look. This bottle comes complete with and black and silver soap pump.

This bottle is ideal for lotions, creams and soap and will fit in perfectly in a kitchen and bathroom environment.
50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm Black/Silver Soap Pump
Qty: 1G50MLSIMP24BSBSSoapx1 € 1.54
Qty: 25G50MLSIMP24BSBSSoapx25 € 37.50
Qty: 50G50MLSIMP24BSBSSoapx50 € 73.21
Qty: 100G50MLSIMP24BSBSSoapx100 € 139.28
Qty: 144G50MLSIMP24BSBSSoapx144 € 190.28
Qty: 288G50MLSIMP24BSBSSoapx288 € 359.98
Qty: 576G50MLSIMP24BSBSSoapx576 € 678.81
Qty: 1152G50MLSIMP24BSBSSoapx1152 € 1275.33
Qty: 2376G50MLSIMP24BSBSSoapx2376 € 2460.71
Qty: 4752G50MLSIMP24BSBSSoapx4752 € 4582.00

50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm Black Mini Trigger Spray

A small but extremely useful clear glass bottle. Don't be fooled by its small 50ml capacity this bottle is ideal for a range of products including fragrances and grooming products.

The bottles comes complete with a black mini trigger spray to dispense the contents in a controlled amount.
50ml Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle & 24mm Black Mini Trigger Spray
Qty: 1G50MLSIMP24BMinTrigx1 € 1.46
Qty: 25G50MLSIMP24BMinTrigx25 € 35.70
Qty: 50G50MLSIMP24BMinTrigx50 € 69.72
Qty: 100G50MLSIMP24BMinTrigx100 € 132.63
Qty: 144G50MLSIMP24BMinTrigx144 € 181.18
Qty: 288G50MLSIMP24BMinTrigx288 € 342.78
Qty: 576G50MLSIMP24BMinTrigx576 € 646.38
Qty: 1152G50MLSIMP24BMinTrigx1152 € 1214.41
Qty: 2376G50MLSIMP24BMinTrigx2376 € 2343.13
Qty: 4752G50MLSIMP24BMinTrigx4752 € 4363.09

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