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Microwaveable Deli Containers

Microwaveable plastic containers with lids

Microwaveable deli containers
Our microwaveable plastic deli pots are the perfect containers to give your food a professional look.

Ideal for small and large businesses, such as cafes, caterers, takeaways, restaurants, food producers and more. Also, due to there being no minimum order quantity, they are ideal for home parties or home run businesses.

Our clear deli pots are handy for sauces, fruit, dips, salads, fruit cocktails, nuts and many other foods.

Our black microwaveable bowls with clear lids are suitable for salads, stir fries, desserts, noodles, rice, potatoes, pastas and more.

All of our deli containers are made from strong polypropylene (PP), which is microwave safe and food grade approved.

Sizes available
The following sizes are available: 240ml and 360ml in clear plastic and 355ml in black plastic.

12oz (360ml) Microwaveable Plastic Deli Pot With Lid

360ml clear plastic microwaveable deli container with push on clear lid, ideal for small and large scale usage and also home use due to our no minimum order quantity.

Suitable for takeaways, cafes, restaurants, caterers and many others, Ideal for a host of products such as pasta, fruit cocktails, salsa dips, salad mixes, sauces, food stuffs and much more.

Made from high quality polypropylene (PP), microwave safe and food grade approved. No minimum order quantity.
12oz (360ml) Microwaveable Plastic Deli Pot With Lid
Qty: 250OB-FMWD12x250 € 43.48

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